2021 Cleaning Innovations

2021 The Road To Cleaning Innovation Find out how 2021 is bringing more innovations and better cleaning results to the Maids In America Family. 2021 A Cleaning Equipment Odessy 310 DEGREE VAPOR While we have been using high temperature vapor cleaning for years 2021 will mark the first year we use it across all our […]

Raising Our Levels Of Cleaning To Meet Today’s Challenges

Cleaning Service VLOG Cleaning Industry| 2020 | Today’s Cleaning & Disinfecting Challenges It’s 2020…  May 2020 and we have been evolving and learning as a cleaning company at light speed compared to the first 13 years we have been in business. COVID-19 has changed our standard operating procedures, customer base, and even our long term […]


Cleaning Service Blog Cleaning SAFE| 2020 | Keeping Your Home Safe & Clean It’s Now About “SAFE” / DISINFECTED / CLEAN A great deal has changed in the cleaning industry over the last few months of 2020 in our janitorial division and maid service divisions.  With COVID-19 many priorities have shifted to putting a heavy emphasis on […]

Carpet Cleaning In 2019

Cleaning Tech Blog Cleaning Tech | 2019 | Modern Carpet Cleaning Methods For years the consumer mentality for carpet cleaning has been you rent a rug doctor and spend a lot of hours to get mediocre results and carpet that drys in 2 days or hire a carpet cleaning company that uses a truck mount. […]

Deep Cleaning Defined

Cleaning Service Blog Cleaning Tips | 2019 | Deep Clean Defined The definition of a deep clean varies widely across cleaning companies and even individuals and how they perceive a truly top to bottom clean vs someone else. Before I jumped into the cleaning industry to help my wife navigate and grow Maids In America […]

Cleaning Products For Residential – The Next Gen

Cleaning Service Blog Cleaning Products | 2019 | Next Gen Home Cleaning Products It wouldn’t be long ago that you’d not get a favorable response when I’m asked about cleaning products that claim to be all natural and smell good.   In fact you still won’t get much of one for most as I see a […]

Maid Service April 2019 Newsletter

Maids In America Newsletter Cleaning Newsletter | April 2019 | Top Cleaning Equipment / Products By Application Top Cleaning Equipment / Products By Application Part I Read On All Purpose Top All Purpose Cleaner & Top All Purpose Floor Cleaner If you ignore the rest of this newsletter make sure you go ahead and pay […]

Cleaning Options Overview

Cleaning Service Blog Cleaning Tips | 2019 | Cleaning Options Primer Hi, this is Olivia with Maids In America, the highest rated and most reviewed cleaning service and A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau as members. In this VLOG I will give you an overview of our cleaning options.  Remember that you can get […]