The Visual Clean System

We Built The Ultimate Cleaning System In 2007 The Visual Clean System was just an idea. By 2008 it became our quality control standard. Now it’s the international standard for our maid service and janitorial division. 2124 Cleaning Diagrams Our cleaning diagrams detail every task and are available in all media types including laminate cards […]

2021 Cleaning Innovations

2021 The Road To Cleaning Innovation Find out how 2021 is bringing more innovations and better cleaning results to the Maids In America Family. 2021 A Cleaning Equipment Odessy 310 DEGREE VAPOR While we have been using high temperature vapor cleaning for years 2021 will mark the first year we use it across all our […]

Raising Our Levels Of Cleaning To Meet Today’s Challenges

Cleaning Service VLOG Cleaning Industry| 2020 | Today’s Cleaning & Disinfecting Challenges It’s 2020…  May 2020 and we have been evolving and learning as a cleaning company at light speed compared to the first 13 years we have been in business. COVID-19 has changed our standard operating procedures, customer base, and even our long term […]


Cleaning Service Blog Cleaning SAFE| 2020 | Keeping Your Home Safe & Clean It’s Now About “SAFE” / DISINFECTED / CLEAN A great deal has changed in the cleaning industry over the last few months of 2020 in our janitorial division and maid service divisions.  With COVID-19 many priorities have shifted to putting a heavy emphasis on […]

Carpet Cleaning In 2019

Cleaning Tech Blog Cleaning Tech | 2019 | Modern Carpet Cleaning Methods For years the consumer mentality for carpet cleaning has been you rent a rug doctor and spend a lot of hours to get mediocre results and carpet that drys in 2 days or hire a carpet cleaning company that uses a truck mount. […]

Deep Cleaning Defined

Cleaning Service Blog Cleaning Tips | 2019 | Deep Clean Defined The definition of a deep clean varies widely across cleaning companies and even individuals and how they perceive a truly top to bottom clean vs someone else. Before I jumped into the cleaning industry to help my wife navigate and grow Maids In America […]

Cleaning Products For Residential – The Next Gen

Cleaning Service Blog Cleaning Products | 2019 | Next Gen Home Cleaning Products It wouldn’t be long ago that you’d not get a favorable response when I’m asked about cleaning products that claim to be all natural and smell good.   In fact you still won’t get much of one for most as I see a […]

Maid Service April 2019 Newsletter

Maids In America Newsletter Cleaning Newsletter | April 2019 | Top Cleaning Equipment / Products By Application Top Cleaning Equipment / Products By Application Part I Read On All Purpose Top All Purpose Cleaner & Top All Purpose Floor Cleaner If you ignore the rest of this newsletter make sure you go ahead and pay […]

Cleaning Options Overview

Cleaning Service Blog Cleaning Tips | 2019 | Cleaning Options Primer Hi, this is Olivia with Maids In America, the highest rated and most reviewed cleaning service and A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau as members. In this VLOG I will give you an overview of our cleaning options.  Remember that you can get […]