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Cleaning Industry| 2020 | Today's Cleaning & Disinfecting Challenges

It’s 2020…  May 2020 and we have been evolving and learning as a cleaning company at light speed compared to the first 13 years we have been in business.

COVID-19 has changed our standard operating procedures, customer base, and even our long term statement of direction.  It’s changed everything except our leverage of technology and education that makes us number one in cleaning – no seriously – we are the actual highest rated and most reviewed – the real deal in both maid service and janitorial service and that’s not going to change.

Read on and learn what has and is changing at Maids In America and all division to meet the any challenges we might face today or tomorrow.

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It’s not just a smell & look good “thing”

At all our divisions – especially our residential side at Maids In America we’ve hammered the fact that customers react better to a clean smell – especially a pleasant smell like the mango scent our bio-cleaner enzyme uses.

While disinfecting was always there and a by-product from good cleaning methods and products it wasn’t always in the forefront of customers minds.  Now it’s more important for our cleaning people to leave behind a generic lemon scent (vs mango) because that’s what our main QUAT super hospital grade disinfectant smells like.

Disinfecting is priority one in homes and businesses.

Safety Is Responsibility:

No longer is safety just a required hazmat course we send our employees through.  Safety is our responsibility to our workers and customers.  Wearing proper protection gear can keep our employees and the customers they clean safe.

The Visual Clean System Generation II

It’s not just clean it’s visual clean… It’s not just visual clean… It’s visual clean and sanitary:

The Visual Clean System, up to revision 10.0 has revolutionized cleaning for both homes and businesses but has never had a need change so much it will be classified as 2nd Generation… Until now.

We are adopting our visual clean system to put greater emphasis (and therefor “visual” diagrams/etc ) on disinfecting with illustrations and charts walking our employees through every step to make a home or business safe from COVID-19 and other pathogens/viruses/etc.

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Meeting Todays Cleaning Challenges
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Meeting Todays Cleaning Challenges
At Maids In America and Engineered Clean we continue to evolve and learn to meet whatever cleaning challenges we face today or tomorrow. Find out more in our latest VLOG
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