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SINCE 2007

Over 11,000 Cleaned

Since 2007 our maids have cleaned over 4000 homes and businesses in Tuscaloosa County.

  • Our “actual professional experience” running a cleaning business is unmatched
  • We are BBB members with an A+ rating
  • We are a D&B Tuscaloosa based Alabama Cleaning Corporation

Tuscaloosa’s longest running cleaning service corporation since 2007 in both in Maid & Janitorial.

maid team cleaning

24x7 Scheduling

Our online scheduling system empowers you to book and change when our maids arrive.

  • Schedule home cleaning services  24/7 online!
  • Go through easy and fast orientation in our Orientation section
  • Or call us during working hours for further help.

Schedule cleaning anytime / anywhere with phone, desktop PC, tablet or via phone.

janitorial team

organized cleaning

Our maids are trained to dust all those deep cleaning details with visual clean charts.

  • Consistent cleaning quality with every visit
  • Visual instructions are easier and allow a deeper, better cleaning.
  • Customers have access to deep and basic cleaning check sheets on our website.

We developed the Visual Clean System to reduce cleaning consistency issues.

What To Expect

1. Online Booking

Lock-in your cleaning instantly 24×7 and get a confirmation to your phone or email. If you prefer, call and we’ll help you secure a date/time that works for you!

2. Orientation

Spend 60 seconds watching videos with Olivia, check off 5 questions and you’re ready to roll! Also we give you a copy of our deep and basic cleaning check sheet!

3. Team Arrives

Our maids arrive ready to clean. Don’t have to worry about supplies or equipment – we have it and you covered as we are licensed, bonded, and insured!

4. Tour Home

30-minutes before our maids finish you are contacted to join in walk-through. With your copy of our check sheets walk through with the maids to make sure you are satisfied.

The Visual Clean sanitary system

Advanced quality control

cleaning quality

The Visual Clean System was developed by our Engineered Clean division and has been adopted for all divisions of Maids In America for Home and Business.

It is the number one reason we are the highest rated and most reviewed group of cleaning companies in the nation:

  • Visually spelled out cleaning training guides for our employees
  • Visual check lists to reduce missed areas and other cleaning errors
  • All customers have access to the visual guides as well

Visual Clean System Video

Long checklists of endless text have good intentions but studies – for a long time, since the 80’s – show adults follow instructions (and learn) better via visual methods including:

  • graphic illustrations
  • video
  • animation

Our customer satisfaction rate has consistently gone up every year because of our attention to training and effective methods, such as visual instructions, to keep our cleaning team “on task.”

Find out more in the Visual Clean System video in this section above.

Keeping BUSINESS & HOME SAFE since 2007

Advanced Virus Protection

Advanced disinfecting and BIOHAZARD cleaning

Both our Engineered Clean and Maids In America divisions use QUAT anitiviral / antibacterial products along with nano-vapor fogging and high heat vapor cleaning to keep your home and business safe.

Save On Multiple Cleanings

Find out how cleaning vouchers from our Maids In America Online Store can save you and your family money while adding value to recurring cleanings.

Reduce your costs and essentially get bonus deep clean details at no additional charge with your voucher sessions.

Cleaning Service Questions

• Do you provide your own cleaning supplies & equipment?
• Yes, in order to maintain consistent cleaning quality we always provide our own supplies/equipment.
• Is Your Maid Service licensed and bonded?
• Yes, select the orientation menu option and scroll to bottom to open up links

For more FAQ’s watch our FAQ video with Olivia!

A brief overview of our cleaning options including core choices such as Basic/Maintenance Cleaning and Deep Cleaning.

For more watch video and/or check out our orientation page for a detailed checklist of exactly what we clean with each option!

Why Maids In America Is Chosen

Cleaning experts

Hardwood & All Surfaces

Zero residue chemicals and hardwood friendly mops are our protocol., We never dull or streak your floors.

  •  Hardwood friendly very low moisture commercial grade microfiber mops
  • Professional cleaning products designed for hardwood
  • No dirt attracting residue left behind after mopping

Our hardwood mopping is guaranteed to be streak free. During the final walk-through If you notice any streaks or residue we’ll fix it!

clean floors

All Floor Types Cleaned

No matter what floor type – not just hardwood – we guarantee clean floors. Using correct chemicals and equipment.

  • Low moisture mopping techniques which don’t drown your floors

  • Tested and safe floor cleaning products for home and office

  • Modern low moisture carpet cleaning methods / equipment

By changing pads with each  room – especially bathrooms – we avoid cross-contamination and get cleaner results.

Safe Products

Safe Cleaning Products

All cleaning products are safe around adults, children, and pets. Keeping your environment safe is our protocol.

  • Many of our products “Green Certified” by green seal –
  • Since 2010 we have implemented the OSHA safety program
  • Our products have MSDS safety sheets which our maids follow.

We are committed to keeping the workplace safe and to make sure approved products are used on your home or business.

Cleaning Satisfaction

Meet Some Of Our Happy Customers

More Than Maid Service Techs

Great People

Our Maids Love What They Do

It’s rare that, as a business owner, you can say that your people really love their job and how it affects others. At Maids our recruitment process finds those special people!

Without fantastic people with a passion for cleaning that care about the happiness a clean home brings we wouldn’t be the highest rated and most reviewed maid service since 2007.

We Are Part Of The Community

We have cleaned countless homes for cancer patients and waived our fees.  Helping others is what we do with our outreach programs including our partnership with Cleaning For A Reason and local animal shelters.

When we give back to the community our people get a lift when they are able to make someones day brighter during dark times.

cleaning homes for community

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Tuscaloosa and Northport Alabama home cleaning and maid service. Maids In America has performed maid service on over 4500 Tuscaloosa Homes. We support breast cancer patients through sponsership of Cleaning For A Reason We have a second office in Tuscaloosa County to better serve our customers and handle cleaning service demand. We are BBB members with an A+ rating.