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Part III: Stainless Steel Cleaning

What Doesn't Work

Water Based Stainless Steel Cleaner or Home Remedies

For the purpose of space and time I will refer to lemon juice or any food by-product or non-standard product as a home remedy.  Don’t use them – your stainless steel is too expensive to try non-sense methods.

Also there are a lot of good stainless steel products out there but just make sure that the stainless steel cleaner you buy isn’t “water based” vs “oil based.”  Water based cleaner leaves streaks and is not very effective.

Don’t use paper towels or newspapers (for God’s sake).

What Works

Microfiber Towels – Oil based stainless steel cleaner – buffered phosphoric acid

Just to get this out before there is an overreaction – “phosphoric acid” is not “sulfuric acid”  where the former is mild and great for stainless steel maintenance – removing soap scum, limescale, rust – etc nearly effortlessly.

After you maintain your stainless steel with phosphoric acid – Foamy Q&A works nicely which both or maid service and janitorial service use – you’ll need to clean (one more time) and polish it with an oil based stainless steel cleaner that also contains citric acid.

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The Power of “we”

Team Culture Since 2007

Halloween 2020.  Some of our Tuscaloosa East Maids having fun in a get together.

Our cover girl teaching a group of new girls proper counter cleaning techniques.

highest rated & most reviewed maids

The Magic Formula is ...

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Cleaning challenging homes or businesses, for example, take a common goal of delivering the best possible level of cleanliness to the customer.  Every team member with the same goal.


Every maid or janitorial team member is part of a team and not another “body” thrown into clean.  Teams communicate with each other reducing errors and improving cleaning quality

Highest Rated... Highest Paid

Part of a successful team is great moral and the belief of each team member that they are equally important.  We reinforce great teamwork with praise and the highest pay in the industry.

drama free

Our cleaning team members are part of a culture that encourages helping and boosting each other with no gossiping or fighting.  We are a team, not a dysfunctional family.

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