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Very Low Moisture Carpet & Tile Cleaning

Our carpet and tile cleaning techniques and technology have evolved into a hi-tech low moisture equipment & chemicals system. Our powerful heat + oscillation machines along with our dual cylinder scrubbing machines use very little water yet generate tremendous heat and friction while lifting carpet fibers up. By lifting carpet fibers up the machine can remove all contaminants from your carpet all the way down to base of the carpet.

Pet Friendly

Have Pets? With our enzyme pet stain removal + “hot-pad” technology we can remove 95% of pet stains and 100% of odors.

fast drying carpet

Fast Drying

Less water plus heat equals fast dry time. Our oscillation machines which use “pad transfer” dry in minutes.

heat cleaning


All our carpet equipment uses some form of heat – from our heated oscillating machine plus our patented “hot-pad” feature or our high friction heat generating cylinder machines.

allergen cleaning

Allergen treatment

310 degree vapor cleaning temperatures that are the hottest in the cleaning industry can make a real difference on allergen sources in your home.

Stain Removal

We successfully remove urine, ink, red dye, and other stain types. Our orbital pad transfer machine delivers powerful stain removal.

upholstery cleaning

Upholstery cleaning

For upholstery Low moisture is the safest and cleans the best for upholstery. Super-fast drying times prevent mildew issues later.

Cleaning Tip Series

Removing Synthetic Stains From Carpet

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