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COVID-19 & Biohazard Cleaning




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3 Step Removal


Low moisture Nano-Vapor fogging is the number one method to cover commercial and residential areas with advanced 3rd Generation Medical QUAT based disinfectants.

This process alone kills all known viruses, spores, and bacteria including COVID-19.


For more sensitive devices and areas that may not be open to our nano-vapor fog we manually wipe-down with QUAT based wipes.


Thanks to modern technology we can add a final pass on many surfaces safely with 330 degree super low moisture vapor steam.

Vapor steam is safe on almost all surfaces and we will exclude any that aren’t appropriate.

Antiviral cleaning

Both our Engineered Clean and Maids In America divisions use QUAT anitiviral / antibacterial products along with high heat vapor cleaning to keep your home safe.  A word from Engineered Clean that applies to the entire Maids In America Family.

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Engineered Clean & Maids In America

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