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Part II: Hardwood Cleaning Products

What Doesn't Work


I’m always amazed at how vinegar suddenly became a magic solution for everything from keeping your hair soft to miracle results on hardwood floors.  I’ll stay off my soapbox and keep the sarcastic jokes in my bag of riddles for now — since I’ve been too busy to even keep up with blogs/vlogs lately and get to the point:

  • Vinegar is a weak acid that, while looking “ok” initially when cleaning hardwood will start to degrade the finish:
    • Creating streaky results
    • Even when no longer using it the uneven wear created on the floor finish (urethane) will end in a streaky floor no matter the floor cleaner

Congratulations – your floors need refinished now. 🙁

What Works

pH neutral “no soap” zero residue

There are a lot of hardwood cleaners out there including Zepp from Lowes, Bona from the consumer marketing machine, and others.  While the absolute best cleaners are commercial versions such as Spartan Chemical DMQ or NCL Mirage (soap free) they all work pretty well and are safe for your floors.

Just make sure if they are not already premixed you dilute them with distilled water and not hard tap water.

The Power of “we”

Team Culture Since 2007

Halloween 2020.  Some of our Tuscaloosa East Maids having fun in a get together.

Our cover girl teaching a group of new girls proper counter cleaning techniques.

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The Magic Formula is ...

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united we clean

Cleaning challenging homes or businesses, for example, take a common goal of delivering the best possible level of cleanliness to the customer.  Every team member with the same goal.


Every maid or janitorial team member is part of a team and not another “body” thrown into clean.  Teams communicate with each other reducing errors and improving cleaning quality

Highest Rated... Highest Paid

Part of a successful team is great moral and the belief of each team member that they are equally important.  We reinforce great teamwork with praise and the highest pay in the industry.

drama free

Our cleaning team members are part of a culture that encourages helping and boosting each other with no gossiping or fighting.  We are a team, not a dysfunctional family.

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Cleaning That Works 2021 - Hardwood Cleaning Chemicals
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