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Cleaning Tips | 2019 | Speed Cleaning Part II

It’s just as important to accomplish a cleaning task or job in a reasonable time as it is to do it right.  Both go hand and hand as great cleaners are efficient and get the cleaning job done fast.

Our maid service with literally 100’s of maids has shown us that the worst cleaners are slow.  Ironically the slowest maids miss the most details!  So the point is if you’re good it’s because you can clean efficiently using the best techniques for the task in hand.

Equipped For Success

The right equipment can help deliver great cleaning results in a short time.  Whether you’re cleaning your home or have your own cleaning service you will benefit greatly by having the right cleaning equipment.  Below is a limited “core” list but certainly doesn’t include everything our maids use:

    • Quality vacuum that has a beater bar, detachable hose, uses a HEPA Filter, and has good CFM (cubic feet per minute) vacuum performance of 100 or more


    • A “real” mop.  As in no sloppy bucket mop or cheap sponge mop.  A microfiber mop that is commercial grade with plenty of heads.  See our cleaning blog from this site or our other site with blogs for more information


  • Quality accessories such as:
    • microfiber dusters
    • 18′ extension handles
    • microfiber blind dusters
    • baseboard wipers
    • ceiling fan cleaner/dusters
    • microfiber rags
    • long handled dust pan with broom
    • dust mop

There are many additional cleaning equipment add-ons such as vapor cleaners that can be added to this list depending on how often you clean!

Chemically Correct

To keep this short I’m going to focus on what to look for in a cleaning product and what to avoid.  This blog is too short to go on a product review tangent but this should help guide you:
  • Avoid the cheap stuff unless you really know chemistry.  Most cheap cleaners are junk

  • Don’t use bleach – read our blog on this for more

  • Go commercial – you’ll find that commercial cleaning products are cheaper and better than the consumer stuff you get at the retail store

  • If you have to dilute a cleaning product you buy (such as a concentrated floor cleaner) use distilled water – don’t use hard water

Putting It All Together

If you are just cleaning your home from time to time or are a college student with the cleaning habits I had when I was a student (bad) some of this may be overkill.  However, if you are cleaning on a regular basis you’ll find that being equipped and chemically correct will save you considerable time and, ultimately, money.

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