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Cleaning Tips | 2019 | Cleaning Options Primer

Hi, this is Olivia with Maids In America, the highest rated and most reviewed cleaning service and A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau as members.

In this VLOG I will give you an overview of our cleaning options.  Remember that you can get a detailed list of these options in the Orientation Menu Option from our website anytime.

The Basic Clean (maintenance clean)

Many customers choose the basic clean as a maintenance option between deep cleans.  However, since our cleanings are so detailed some actually choose it as a first cleaning option if their home is not too dirty.

Basic cleans include a top to bottom clean which includes:

  • Making beds
  • Cleaning outside of all appliances and inside of Microwave as well
  • Sweeping/mopping floors
  • Dusting baseboards but not wiping down
  • Dusting ceiling fans but not wiping down
  • Vacuuming
  • General dusting
  • And much more

Basic cleans do not include cleaning inside appliances with the exception of the microwave.  Windows, blinds, inside cabinets, and drawers are not included as well.

The Deep Clean (also moveout/in)

Many customers choose this as the primary initial cleaning option and it literally includes everything.  The deep clean applies to move in & move out cleans as well.

Deep Cleans include everything in a basic clean plus:

  • Cleaning inside all appliances and cabinets
  • Dusting & wiping down baseboards, ceiling fans, and blinds
  • Fine detail cleaning such as light switches / ceiling fan globes / etc
  • Inside windows up to 17 feet high
  • And more

Remember that we have more options such as carpet cleaning, outside windows, and more.  If you want to customize further check out our Maid Clean By Design option in our website!

Additional Options

Check out our orientation page and/or or home page for more information on the maid service options listed below:

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