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Your Custom Cleaning Order Is Seconds Away

Welcome to the custom cleaning page, where you have control over your cleaning needs.

Need some deep clean components but are closer to a basic clean in budget and needs? Or a basic clean with blinds from the deep clean menu?

Personal Cleaning For Your Needs

custom cleaning

Custom Cleaning Freedom

It’s now easy to fit your cleaning plan to match your budget and needs with our custom cleaning options.

Custom Clean

Personalize your cleaning session(s) that our maids follow! Select from carpet cleaning, to deep clean areas, exclude what you do not want. There are many choices!

Book Cleaning

Our online booking system is easy and takes seconds to create a customized cleaning plan for your home. Lock-in your date and time 7 days a week 24 x 7.

Tour Your Clean Home

Shortly before your maid team finishes they communicate to you so you can perform a quality walk-through with them. Make sure you are satisfied before they leave.

Custom Cleaning Is Here

Welcome to the custom cleaning page, giving you more control over your cleaning needs. Need a little bit of a deep clean but closer to a basic clean? Maybe a basic clean with adding baseboards from the deep clean column? Customize online 24×7 or, on the phone, during working hours. It’s your cleaning and you have complete control!.
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What To Expect

1. Online Booking

Lock-in your cleaning instantly 24×7 and get a confirmation to your phone or email. If you prefer, call and we’ll help you secure a cleaning date and time that works for you!

2. Orientation

Spend 60 seconds watching videos with Olivia, check off 5 questions and you’re ready to roll! Also we give you a copy of our deep and basic cleaning check sheet!

Cleaning Service Questions

• Do you provide your own cleaning supplies & equipment
• Yes, in order to maintain consistent cleaning quality we always provide our own supplies/equipment.
• Is Your Maid Service licensed and bonded?
• Yes, select the orientation menu option and scroll to bottom to open up links

For more FAQ’s watch our FAQ video with Olivia!

3. Team Arrives

Our maids arrive ready to clean. Don’t have to worry about supplies or equipment – we have it and you covered as we are licensed, bonded, and insured!

4. Tour Home

30-minutes before our maids finish you are contacted to join in walk-through. With your copy of our check sheets walk through with the maids to make sure you are satisfied.

Cleaning Choices

It's Your Cleaning & Your Choice

Enjoy the freedom of deciding what cleaning tasks are performed by choosing from an online menu.

Select areas you want deep cleaned

Exclude unneeded areas

Exclude unnecessary rooms

There are several options when scheduling your cleaning service thanks to our Maid Clean By Design program.

Clean details

Add Specialty Cleaning Options

Choose specialty cleaning options and use Maids In America as your cleaning service for all needs including carpet.

Low moisture carpet cleaning – Dries under 30 minutes.

Restore your dirty grout!

Vapor clean your furniture.

We have the complete line of cleaning services available under one roof to make it easier for you to keep a clean home.


recurring clean

Save Big On Cleaning

Flexible recurring cleaning choices with extensive savings over one time cleanings with our online store.

Monthly? Save 15% with our voucher program

Every other week? Save 25%

Weekly? Save 30%

Contact us if you want a discounted rate on more frequent maid programs or go online at Maids In America Online.

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Custom home cleaning allows you to pick from more options than a basic clean or even deep cleaning package. Choose carpet cleaning and specific house cleaning tasks such as cleaning blinds.