Avoid useless cleaning features and hype – buzzwords – and meaningless stats and promises with the 2021 VLOG version of our Smoke -n- Mirrors Series With Olivia.

Olivia had to do this remotely as she is taking care of personal things but wanted to put a little bounce in our long running VLOG series to help cleaning consumers in making a safe informed decision on their Maid Service.

The Big Four Claims With Cleaning Companies

Some highlights from previous Smoke -n- Mirrors that still hold true in 2021.  These aren’t the only smoke -n- mirrors promises but their some of the best ones…

"Pay For Performance"

Or more like beg the customer into a a great rating (even if they didn’t do a great job) and  … get paid legal wages?  What?

Pay for Performance is a tired old gimmick that is designed to make the customer feel that they have more control.  The opposite is true and the idea of the rating of maids (done by you) that affect their pay ultimately never produces better cleaning results and puts customers in an awkward position.  Oh yeah – this has been used for about 50 years or maybe 150 in many industries and never actually “sticks.”

"We Follow A Checklist"

You mean you hand out a long checklist of “stuff to clean” that doesn’t include how to clean and is printed on some old copy paper with a disclaimer not to operate heavy equipment while trying to follow this boring – tedious – nebulous list…

Maids In America uses the Visual Clean System which was based off the simple fact that Adults learn better – VISUALLY and when not having to follow a useless list that is nothing more than a gimmick no cleaning person actually follows in practice.

"We Do It Right The First Time"

What does that mean?  How about we “show up” or we (the maid service) “do the dirty work” or “we don’t cut corners – we clean them?”

More meaningless words to fill a website does nothing to indicate how the cleaning will be done and quality checked.

"We Have 999 Years Experience"

Soooo… You’ve taken all your family or co-managers and counted their first cleaning such as play cleaning door knobs when 3 years old and combined them?

Maids In America doesn’t combine useless experience.  We’ve been in business since 2007 and even longer if you count the fact that we bought out the original Maids In America in 2007 which had about 10 years before that.

Smoke -n- Mirrors Series


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The Magic Formula is ...

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Out of 5 98% TEAM CULTURE

united we clean

Cleaning challenging homes or businesses, for example, take a common goal of delivering the best possible level of cleanliness to the customer.  Every team member with the same goal.


Every maid or janitorial team member is part of a team and not another “body” thrown into clean.  Teams communicate with each other reducing errors and improving cleaning quality

Highest Rated... Highest Paid

Part of a successful team is great moral and the belief of each team member that they are equally important.  We reinforce great teamwork with praise and the highest pay in the industry.

drama free

Our cleaning team members are part of a culture that encourages helping and boosting each other with no gossiping or fighting.  We are a team, not a dysfunctional family.

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