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Cleaning Tips | 2019 | Cleaning Smoke & Mirrors Part II

In the final installment of Smoke -n- Mirrors series we will cover a few more useless marketing gimmicks designed to make useless features appealing.  Then we will wrap up with a column that focuses on what you should look for in a cleaning company.

The Rest Of The Smoke

Here’s the final round of the most popular but useless features that are marketed to the consumer by “other” cleaning franchises:

  • Nationwide – A franchise is an individually owned and operated business in a box.  Essentially the size of the franchise has nothing to do with the quality of the local franchisee who is solely responsible for what happens in his/her local market


  • Designed with time – There are several variants to this name but the concept of giving a customer a discount on heavily inflated cleaning prices by selling a block of time  fails miserably.  The cleaning team usually drags their feet and accomplishes less since it’s not based on completing cleaning tasks – just time.


  •  Paid By Job – No way.  Not something you want to have happen.  The workers are paid the same fixed rate for every job with incentive to get extra money by harassing you to give them an artificially inflated review.  Workers usually cut out as early as possible because they know that they will make very little per hour otherwise.

What's Important

While we may have mentioned some of these before it’s never too old to emphasize things that really does affect you and the cleaning quality of the job you are paying for:

  • The Walk-through -I can’t imagine how anyone can pay for a cleaning service without first walking through the final cleaning with the maid(s).  This is our policy for new customers and it make a tremendous difference in satisfaction


  •  A Quality Control System That Can Be Seen – We go beyond the simple list have the Visual Clean system for our maid service and janitorial division.

  • Credibility – BBB membership and status combined with Google and Facebook ratings can tell you a lot.
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