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The cleaning industry, both commercial and residential cleaning, often does not meet customer expectations. In many cases it’s the cleaning company’s performance but in other cases it’s over promising, lack of customer education, or in rare cases an unrealistic customer.

Learn how we set expectations and what we consider a truly quality and realistic cleaning performance from our residential maid service division.

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Marketing Hype

It seems that most cleaning companies have a habit of using generic unoriginal names such as: “perfection” “perfect” “spotless” “perfect shine” etc…  Not only is this just plain bad marketing but the names imply that by hiring a maid service your home will be cleaned perfectly.  This is probably why the maid industry has a 37% satisfaction average in industry polling.  Our average is 91% partially because we don’t over promise.

“Our Maids Don’t Miss Details..”

Yes they do.  If our maids miss them then your maids miss them!  Give me a break.  With over 100 moving parts on the typical deep clean details will get missed.  The key is are you walking through with the maids at the end of the job to make sure the major ones you care about are done?  if the maid service doesn’t walk you then their “guarantee” is worthless because they aren’t coming back if they don’t care enough to require an end of cleaning walk-through.

We Don’t Get Complaints

Guess you haven’t been in business long or your full of ……

Our Promise

With all these promises and unrealistic marketing we can promise that you are left with a clean home that you are happy with as long as:

  • You walk through with our maid(s) at the end of the cleaning job
  • You understand that even after a walk-through there may be a few minor things missed.  We aren’t coming back for a spot on a baseboard or a missed counter.  Sorry.
  • You go through orientation before our maids arrive

With our customer interaction expectations met we have the number one performance record in the residential industry.  Customer who go through orientation and walk with the maids are 98.5% satisfied – those who don’t are 68% satisfied.

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Maid Service Cleaning Quality Expectations
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