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Cleaning Tips | 2019 | Deep Clean Defined

The definition of a deep clean varies widely across cleaning companies and even individuals and how they perceive a truly top to bottom clean vs someone else.

Before I jumped into the cleaning industry to help my wife navigate and grow Maids In America into the fast growing dominate cleaning company that it is I had no idea.  I am an engineer by degree and still run an engineering firm as well.  If something was clean I wouldn’t even know it, let alone worrying about whether the tops of ceiling fan blades had enough dust on them to look like they where growing fur…

In our short and sweet maid service style blog format we define our definition of a deep cleaning so read on!

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Core Cleaning Quality

Before we define a deep cleaning first we should outline universal standards all cleaning options (deep, basic, etc) should follow:

  • Residue, sticky free mopping
  • Core dusting
  • sanitization as in using products that are rated and tested to actually disinfect vs some bunk “mint clove oil marketing snake-oil” product.
  • Clean floors, counters, and restrooms
  • HEPA vacuuming – reduce allergens/clean carpet/etc

Those are just basics that every cleaning should contain no how spartan the option chosen.

The Deep Clean

The primary difference with any deep clean is that it should be the option that cleans less obvious but important (to many) details.

Obvious cleaning areas that should be included in a basic clean are floors/general dusting/counters and even the outside of appliances and full bathroom cleaning.

Here are the less obvious details that should separate a deep cleaning from a basic cleaning:

  • Inside cabinets (vs just outside) and drawers
  • Inside appliances such as dishwashers/ovens/etc
  • Pulling out all drawers in refrigerator and cleaning rails/etc
  • Cleaning gaskets in dishwashers
  • Wiping down ceiling fan blades (vs just dusting) and cleaning globes
  • Wiping down baseboards vs just dusting them
  • Minute details such as light switches, door frames, high vents, drawer rails,etc
  • Wiping down blinds vs just dusting them
  • More …

The list goes on of course but you get the idea.  A deep clean pretty much hits every reasonable detail to the level that it would probably pass a military inspection.  There should be nothing left to the imagination.

Cleaning Options

Of course we have many cleaning options…:

  • This includes more than you would expect including making the bed and cleaning inside/outside microwaves!  Check out basic cleaning in our customer orientation section.
  • Deep cleaning as discussed above and available in cleaning orientation.
  • Custom Cleaning which defines cleaning by your needs and budget.

Cleaning Options

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