We Built The Ultimate Cleaning System

In 2007 The Visual Clean System was just an idea. By 2008 it became our quality control standard. Now it’s the international standard for our maid service and janitorial division.


Cleaning Diagrams

Our cleaning diagrams detail every task and are available in all media types including laminate cards and even animated/interactive computer and phone friendly formats.

Visual Learning Is the most effective

cleaning diagram
Play Video

Just pick up your phone and clean

Total Control Of Cleaning Quality

Where To Clean

For commercial facilities and larger homes that are on a weekly schedule we diagram out all areas so nothing is missed.

When To Clean

The timing of cleaning areas such as restrooms are very important in industrial facilities.

How To Clean

Tired of baseboards, bottoms of urinals, and backsplashes getting missed?  The Visual Clean system spells out what to do and how to do it.

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