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Top Cleaning Equipment / Products By Application Part I

All Purpose

Top All Purpose Cleaner & Top All Purpose Floor Cleaner

If you ignore the rest of this newsletter make sure you go ahead and pay attention to this: DMQ from Spartan Chemical is untouchable in quality and versatility.

DMQ is a QUAT which is the modern day disinfectant forumulation that replaces nasty less effective disinfectants such as bleach.  DMQ also leaves no noticeable residue, is ph neutral and can be used on shiny wood floors safely with no dulling film.  It also can be used to disinfect kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

We mix it with distilled water and a little goes a very long way.  Do a lookup on Google on where to find this but you won’t find it at the Dollar Buddy or Walmart.


Top Floor Cleaner For “Finished” — Shiny — Floors

If you want a floor cleaner that actually enhances the shine of your hardwood, finished VCT, marble, etc then NCL Mirage is the way to go.

NCL Mirage uses no soap and leaves zero residue behind.  In fact it’s our #1 product we use in residential and commercial for floors.  It’s USDA A Rated which certifies it’s safe around food areas and meat packing plants because it leaves so little residue and is very very safe.

Where can I find the magic stuff?  Google it and, if you are near our HQ in Tuscaloosa, check out Weatherford Office Supply – you might run into us some days as well since we have a satellite office there as well!

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