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It wouldn’t be long ago that you’d not get a favorable response when I’m asked about cleaning products that claim to be all natural and smell good.   In fact you still won’t get much of one for most as I see a lot of MLM scams pushing junk science such as Young Living Thieves.

Fortunately there are some rare products that both give that warm and fuzzy feminine “safe and smell good” feel that are almost as good as their marketing.  Method would fall into this category.  In fact our residential division has switched to using Method for almost all cleaning applications… Wow, can’t believe I’m writing this.

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Maids In America Moves To Method Cleaning Products For Residential

For years we have prided ourselves for understanding the actual chemistry in cleaning products, ignoring junk science “fluffy” products, skipping the dollar store junk, and using – primarily – commercial grade products.

Commercial grade products have been our staple even in homes until now.  As the result of using Method for our free cancer patient cleaning service we have found it works so well that we have moved all home cleaning to Method which is safe, allergy friendly, smells great and actually does a good job cleaning!

Why Method?

I’m going to save you a Method Cleaner advertisement as I’m neither a reseller nor do I want to help them with their already strong marketing.  This is the short list of why we use it and not necessarily what they advertise:

  • We’ve seen a higher tolerance among sensitive customers such as elderly or cancer patients we clean for
  • It really does smell pretty good
  • The bottles look good when our maids enter a home and are widely recognized thanks to Method’s strong marketing
  • The cleaning effectiveness is really good.  Only in extreme situations do we have to use one of our trusted commercial cleaning products

Where We Don't Use Method

We still don’t use Method for the following as it’s not up to par with our commercial cleaning product options:

  • Soap scum / lime / rust removal – Method doesn’t currently have an effective acid for this which is required.  We use products with a safe (when used as directed) acid known as “phosphoric acid.”
  • Most Floors – We use a strong residue free QUAT known as DMQ for most of our floors and a product known as “Mirage” for shiny hardwood floors still
  • True situations that require a high level disinfectant.  Don’t let the “natural disinfectant” pseudo-science marketing get you excited.  Natural disinfectants suck.  This is where we use safe but hi-tech products like Spartan Chemical DMQ which is a QUAT and not a berry vanilla clove oil maple syrup extract or whatever made up recipe is pitched.

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