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Cleaning Industry| 2020 | I Can See "Cleanly Now" Reprise

At Maids In America we’ve been very busy to say the least:

  • Developing more efficient hazard cleaning systems (such as for COVID)
  • Starting on the long process of converting our “Visual Clean” cleaning procedures to video based instruction
  • Fine tuning our franchise model and our first major information video for it

The last blog that we posted – 2 months ago!!! .. (we’ve been that busy) .. was titled “I can see clearly now” and covered our franchise opportunity.  The problem was that our information video wasn’t really up to par.

To kick off our newsletters and VLOGs/BLOGs again after a 2 month hiatus I am posting a “reprise” of the Franchise VLOG.

cleaning quality
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Proof Of Concept

After starting as a second source of revenue, hobby, or “after thought” offering only small scale residential maid service while our other company – EngineX – was dominating Online Marketing Maids In America began to evolve.

Despite our world beater digital marketing company not helping Maids In America in it’s first year the growth was immediate. 


2008 Innovation

In 2008 with enough success to give “proof in concept” Maids In America started to evolve into a “side income” or “hobby” into the highest rated and most reviewed maids service in Tuscaloosa County.  The process had begun to turn Maids In America into series multi-faceted cleaning service which included residential and janitorial.

With a background in engineering it was decided to make everything we do as far as cleaning techniques, customer service and communication, and even marketing a “system.”   By “system” we mean documented processes that can be followed to make consistent success easier.

With EngineX Digital beginning the process of building the full “media experience” including incredible websites the franchise model was coming together.

We Can See "Cleanly" Now

By 2009 Maids In America was growing fast and “winning” it’s markets over other cleaning companies with better:

  • cleaning quality
  • communication
  • websites
  • marketing
  • sales

We were continuing to develop our “system” as well:

  • Tune marketing as always
  • “Visual Clean System” for nearly automated quality control
  • Create video and interactive guides on all processes and procedures
  • Create procedures that anybody can follow to replicate our success

These and additional steps pretty much took 10 years to develop.  After much demand we began the process of turning Maids In America into a franchise in 2019.  Now we are starting to offer maid service franchises select markets.

Keep in Mind...

  • We are about the only franchise in the country that also operates their own model (in Tuscaloosa) 365 days a year
  • Everybody and their dog starts a cleaning business (or so it seems) for various reasons and there is no such thing as a market that doesn’t already have plenty of competition (other than a dead market).  At Maids In America you don’t compete with the “rest of the fray.”
  • With our Visual Clean System and reputation you will be in your own league – far ahead of the competition. 
    • 97% of people who visit our websites use us – the search is over
    • Price shoppers don’t apply to your franchise.  Premium maid service customers gravitate automatically to Maids In America.
  • We take of everything for you but …  We require training at our facilities or your future ones before you become an official member of the franchise family:
    • Anyone investing their money in becoming part of the Maids In America Franchise Family needs to be up to speed so they are ready to hit the ground rolling.
  • There are other franchises in your market I’m sure…
    • Check out their marketing and websites and compare – enough said.  Nobody has what you will have as a member of the Winning Maids In America Family. 
  • All franchises are exclusive per 300,000 people per market area with no other Maids In America franchises getting squeezed in.

Watch the video and if you are still interested give us a call.  Just call our main line for Tuscaloosa Alabama and hit extension 809 or email but we require all new franchise prospects to initially talk to us on the phone first.

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FAQs With Olivia

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