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Cleaning Industry| 2020 | Choosing The Right Maid Service Compilation 2016-2020

For about four years (we’ve been in business 13 years) we’ve put out information BLOGS & VLOGS on various cleaning topics including the right maid service.

In this BLOG/VLOG we’ve put together the best tips from the last four years to help you decide who should clean your home and save you time, money, and possible aggravation.

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Smoke 'n' Mirrors 1-3

Our Smoke -n- Mirrors Series:

If you’ve researched maid service you might have run across some of our smoke -n- mirrors videos on YouTube.

Smoke -n- Mirrors is designed to help clear out the marketing smoke that seems to be blown by most cleaning companies.

Clear The Smoke:

  • We Have 32 Years Of Experience – Experience?  It’s cleaning and not structural engineering or an industry that requires constant learning or the ability to handle abstract concepts and apply them.  It’s cleaning.  Claims of experience usually mean:
    • They are referring to cleaning experience when they started training for the cleaning “rocket scientist” position – cleaning their toys with their baby rags at 3 years old
    • Experience hasn’t done much for them nor has science
    • The mop -n- bucket is the worst way to clean your floors.  I’d rather remove my shirt and use it as a mop with my foot than a sloppy old dirty water spreading mop -n- bucket/wringer
    • Old fashioned cleaning soaps/etc suck.  That’s why science developed better chemicals that have suspension agents and don’t leave a nasty alkaline pH residueWe use old fashioned cleaning products like Burts Bee Pee and the good ol’ mop -n- bucket:
  • We hired a maid service and decided we could offer something better…:
    • Every maid service seems to use that line then goes out of business in a year
    • Taking care of customers and running a “real” business is totally different than doing it for a hobby
  • We Don’t Get Complaints and Clean Corners Instead of Cutting Them…
    • You mean you don’t enough customers to get a complaint and don’t follow-up for quality control
    • Complaints are normal it’s how realistic you are and how you resolve and prevent the same ones that matters the most
  • Our competitors are this or that or $*#!:
    • It goes without saying never use a business that bad mouths completitors

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Complete Maid Service Advice 2020 Edition
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Complete Maid Service Advice 2020 Edition
Finally a complete summary of all our BLOG/VLOGs on hiring the right maid service for your home.
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