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Cleaning Industry| 2020 | Defining Maid Service Expectations & Finding One 2020

In 2019 we shared with you tips on defining realistic expectations of cleaning services and what to watch out for when they market “promises” that are either unrealistic or just plain “smoke.”

The BLOG/VLOG went pretty well so I thought I’d reprise it and enhance the tips on evaluating potential maid services.

PS: No, this isn’t a self-serving article written via Tom Hopkins sales techniques …  We aren’t going to direct you through a funnel of questions that leads you to our companies like: “Do they have a penguin on their logo?” etc …

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Smoke 'n' Mirrors

Clear The Smoke:

If you’re a cleaning company writing a Cleaning / Maid Service guide on choosing the right company then it’s likely you will make sure that lead the reader down a narrow list of features/benefits that match your company.  For example: “Does the company have the words “Maids” and “America” in it?” “Does the company have a lot of cool videos?”

The reality is most people only need to focus on core criteria and, in some cases with large homes, celebrities, etc “expanded” criteria:

Standard Criteria:

How long has “so & so clean” been in business? 

At this point go to is and verify their domain age (website address) and make sure it matches or at least matches for the last 5 years since it’s possible they might not have added a website until 5 years ago or so.

Check out FB for page age..

BBB rating – Just make sure they don’t have a bad rating. 

Do they have a detailed checklist they can send to you or is available on their website?

License and bonding PROOF – It’s amazing how anybody can say licensed/bonded/insured but the nobody ever asks for proof.  Wow.  Most cleaning companies don’t have any of that by the way – they just tell you they do relying on general laziness from their prospects

Advanced Criteria

Do they do a walk-through at the end of cleaning?

Do they have orientation for new customers and can you go through it before deciding?

Are they BBB members?

Do they have a D&B corporate number to prove stability?

Flags To Watch Out For

Using “Experience” instead of years in business:

Here we go …  “Ah knows how to cleans…  Ahs dun it 40 years” says the 40 year old.

“We have 177 years of experience…”  Says the owner of My Clean Flying By Night Fair who has 5 people that add up to 177 years of experience where each one wiped down their favorite bouncy ball or toy with a baby rag when toddlers.

Cleaning your house or Aunt Betty’s doesn’t count.  Cleaning for others and charging money to do it is very different

Putting Down The Competition “FUD” Fear Uncertainty & Doubt

Do I need to explain this one?

“We are very professional..?”

What?  Are you a Doctor… Lawyer?  Your a cleaning company and the fact that money is transacted automatically makes you “a professional” by default


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Defining Maid Service Expectations 2020
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Defining Maid Service Expectations 2020
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