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Cleaning Tips | 2019 | Spartan Cleaning For Your Household

While our maids come pushing a stair climbing, fold-able, canvas bagged cart (no, I’m not trying to sell these) with about 30 products there are about 4 that you can use to complete about any reasonable cleaning task in your home.

This “fab 4” is used more than any product and, especially for home use, can be used instead of multiple “specialized” cleaning products.

The Key Cleaning Needs

Typically you will need the right cleaning products typical cleaning needs (unless you where like me in college in which you didn’t clean so nothing much was necessary).

Instead of spending on cabinets full of specialized cleaning products, you can use six core supplies to cover 45+ different household tasks, from removing stains to getting rid of insects.

The Fab Four

Below, I’ve listed each product with highlights of what it can do. I hope this saves you space, time, and money as you maintain your clean home!

  • Magic Erasers
    •  Remove stains from pots/mugs
    • Clean leather seats
    • Remove adhesive residue
    • Combined with a drop of mayo – remove water rings from wood
    • Remove tub/shower scum
  • Spartant Chemical DMQ
    • Eliminate odors and bacteria from restrooms
    • Disinfect drains and counters
    • Shutdown odors in upholstery and carpet
    • Clean hardwood floors with zero residue
  • Mild Acid such as Barkeepers Friend
    • Remove soap scum and mildew from tile/grout/stainless steel
    • Remove rust/lime/hard water from tile/grout/stainless steel
    • Get rid of detergent buildup in dishwasher
    • Add water and use to spray/kill ants
  • Quality de-greaser such as Zepp Degreaser found at Lowes
    • Clean oven buildup – let dwell for 2 hours instead of pulling out toxic oven cleaner
    • Clean grease off of counters and just about anywhere

Cleaning Smoke -N- Mirrors

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