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Cleaning Tips To Save Time







When cleaning, as a maid service, we are very careful and normally clean at a “medium pace.”  As in steady and careful so we don’t miss details. 

That being said there are small changes/modifications you can make when cleaning that will save you a great deal of time!



The “Speed” Tip List




  • For ovens don’t be afraid to use a razor with a safety handle after soaking it the oven walls in degreaser (leaving the degreaser on while using the razor).  Just be careful and you’ll be amazed at how fast it cleans crud off the walls safely and without damaging the oven walls.
  • Don’t waste your time with bleach in bathrooms (or anywhere else for that matter).  Bleach is not nearly as effective as an acid based cleaner such as phosphoric acid (Foamy QA or Bang!) or oxalic acid (bar keepers friend) or a combination of mild acids (the works).
  • Always use microfiber mops with multiple pads – don’t waste your time with a sponge or slop bucket mop unless clean isn’t that important anyway.
  • Save the vinegar for cooking.  There’s nothing miraculous about it so put it up back in the kitchen.
  • Use stainless steel cleaner with citric acid that is oil based for stainless steel appliances – don’t use the cheap water based stuff.  Look for stainless steel cleaner from Spartan Chemicals or NCL.
  • In many cases just allowing a cleaner to “dwell” for a few minutes on the surface you are cleaning can make it much easier and faster to clean.
  • When cleaning windows and walls get a microfiber wall stick and pads from Home Depot or online – it’ fast – real fast – and your windows will look much better than with the paper towel by hand method.
  • Get high dusters for high areas – don’t climb a ladder.  For that matter you can get your higher windows clean with a microfiber wall stick (see above) as well without a ladder!

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