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Cleaning Tips | 2019 | Cleaning Your Bathroom Tub / Shower

Cleaning restrooms / bathrooms is easy.  Oh… That stubborn mildew and grime… I’m just going to put my hands on my hips in frustration as all that bleach and SOS pad suds seems to … not work.

Instead of using ancient chemicals that don’t work such as bleach why not do it the easy way.  Instead of asking Kathy Know It All on her blog or Facebook why not resort to an extreme source of information?  Science.

In this blog I will gloss over basic steps and chemicals to use to get your restroom clean – fast.  The focus being on soap scum / mildew / rust – you can figure out the mirrors yourself. 😉

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Understand Your Power of Hydrogen (pH)

For Restrooms stick to the acidic part of the pH scale and stay there

Acid, specifically stainless steel / chrome safe acid such as Barkeepers Friend or Foamy Q & A is powerful at removing mildew and rust.  It works way better than bleach which doesn’t work.

Basic Steps

The Basic Steps Cleaning Your Tub / Shower

For most bathroom cleaning Foamy Q & A is our preferred choice in both residential and commercial cleaning.  Foamy Q & A is a powerful disinfectant and an incredible acid that blows through mildew / limescale / rust / etc.

Foamy Q & A works great on stainless steel and chrome as well.  It removes rust buildup and helps restore chrome & stainless steel to it’s old shiny self.  Just make sure you follow-up with a stainless steel polish.

Although for cleaning tubs/shower walls/toilets foamy Q & A is great sometimes you will need to follow up (especially tubs) with a couple magic erasers to finish off soap scum & limescale.  Of course make sure you rinse everything you clean well which should go without saying.

Another product is barkeepers friend that has Oxalic Acid which is almost as effective as Foamy Q & A.  Make sure that you don’t just use any acid as many acids release harmful fumes and can easily damage stainless steel and chrome.

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Bathroom Cleaning Tips
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