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Cleaning Tips | 2019 | Home Cleaning Tips Part III

Since 2007 Maids In America has been refining home cleaning procedures for it’s maid staff.  Improving our maid service efficiency and results is the core of our cleaning business.

In our latest VLOG Cleaning Tips Part III we will cover more hardwood floor cleaning tips to keep them in great condition and shiny.

When cleaning homes the most challenging areas to clean can be hardwood floors.  You really can’t have enough blogs or vlogs on how to maintain your hardwood floors!

Cleaning Tips Part III

The most common mistakes when mopping hardwood floors result in either long term damage to the finish and/or a dull film building up.  Here are some tips to get them done right:

  • After sweeping up debris with a broom dust mop floors with a microfiber dust mop first
  • Stick with hardwood floor cleaners that have a neutral pH.
  • If you use a concentrated hardwood floor cleaner such as Zepp at Lowe’s mix it with distilled water only. Do not use hardwater


  • Spray hardwood cleaner onto floor with a pump spray not a tiny little bottle [make tiny sign with fingers] – You don’t want to put down too much water or chemicals on hardwood but you need more than spray bottle spit. Make sure it’s lightly but evenly covered when you mop.
  • Use quality microfiber flat mops preferably commercial quality ones from Rubbermaid or Direct Mop Sales
  • Replace microfiber mop pads often and when washing them – do not mix them with other dirty rags and don’t use a fabric softener or fabric sheet when drying

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