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Cleaning Tips | 2019 | Home Cleaning Tips Part II

Since 2007 our cleaning service has been refining home cleaning procedures for it’s maid staff.  Finding ways to improve our home cleaning and improve efficiency is the core of our business.

In our latest BLOG Cleaning Tips Part II we will cover some more time savers to help you with your cleaning chores.

Cleaning Tips Part II

Use mild acid when cleaning bathrooms:

For most bathroom surfaces, with the exception of mirrors/glass, mild acid, stainless steel / chrome safe products such as The Works or Bar Keepers Friend work better and safer than harsh bleach for removing mildew, soap scum, and hard water.

Remember your acid / alkaline basics when cleaning:

Check out our charts in other blogs and make sure you are using the right type of cleaning product by contaminant.  For example grease is acidic so you would use an alkaline based product such as de-greaser to clean it and not something acidic like vinegar.

For common surfaces use a safe pH neutral cleaner:

There is no reason to hammer your counters, cabinets, or other surfaces that don’t require as much effort to clean with stronger de-greasers or acids.  Use a pH neutral cleaner that is all surface safe such as Method brand.

For Windows & Mirrors use microfiber:

Don’t use newspapers or paper towels.  Use quality window cleaner and microfiber pads.  Spray the pad first and if you look online you’ll find specialty microfiber pads such as glass pads to clean with.  Also don’t ever spray mirrors directly – spray the glass pad then clean.

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Home Cleaning Tips Part II
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Home Cleaning Tips Part II
Home cleaning tips part two. Learn more ways to save on time and effort when cleaning your home.
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