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Cleaning Tips | 2019 | Home Cleaning Tips Part I

Since 2007 Maids In America has been refining home cleaning procedures for it’s maid staff.  Finding ways to improve our maid service and improve efficiency is the core of our business.

In our latest VLOG Cleaning Tips Part I we will cover some great time savers in both a blog and vlog format!

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Cleaning Tips Part I

Always clean from the top down:

When cleaning your home remember gravity.  If you clean your ceiling fan last you’ll have to re-clean floors/beds/etc later because the dust blogs will settle below…. So… Clean high areas first in each room.

Don’t break out the toxic chemicals when cleaning your oven:

First of all nasty oven cleaners will damage self-cleaning ovens and second… You don’t need them.  A strong and safe degreaser such as NCL Poof or inexpensive green friendly versions available at retail stores and a brillo pad work great.  Just make sure you soak the oven with plenty of water creating a foamy suds when using a brillo pad so you don’t scratch the protective coating inside.

Use distilled water, not hard water:

Using hard water to clean surfaces that are dirty partially due to the rust/lime in hard water is like a Mr. Bean episode… Senseless and silly.  Distilled water also reduces the amount of cleaning product by about 50% as well since it improves it’s effectiveness.

Remember… Dwell Time:

When cleaning a nasty oven or applying a mild acid to your mildew stained shower allow the chemical to sit a few minutes after applying.  It can make a major difference and reduce scrubbing time.

Dust mop hardwood floors first:

Dust mop hardwood floors before you broom out particles and mop.  Stick to a quality microfiber dust mop and don’t vacuum them even with a hard floor attachment.  Dust mopping removes thousands of tiny abrasive dust particles that vacuums won’t making mopping more effective and extending the life of your floor finish.

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Home Cleaning Tips Part I
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