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Cleaning Tips | 2019 | Improve Your Cleaning Experience

Maids In America has several tools to help you truly enjoy your clean home when our  maid service is finished with the job.

Find out ways you can make sure you have a great cleaning experience with our maids in this blog.

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The Tools

Visual Cleaning Guide

Our maids learn and check their-selves with visual instructions and guides.  Adults learn better visually according to many studies including a major 1980’s study done by the Wharton School Of Business.

Get a copy of our visual guide in an interactive format in our new customer orientation section and read and “see” each step.

Printable Cleaning Checklist

When walking through your clean home with our maids at the end of the job some find it more convienent to use our text only cleaning checklist also available in our customer orientation section.

Our Customer Service Text Pager

If the walk-through isn’t going the way it’s supposed to and/or there is an issue with our maids staying to perform it text us at 205-394-9877.  Type “SERVICE ISSUE:” to start your text and expect a call back within about 5 minutes.

Tips During Inspection

Take Your Time

This is your home.  The time you walk-through with our maids before paying is your time.  Make sure that you are satisfied and ask questions if you are not sure. 

Our team is trained to fix any issues you might find with no questions asked.

Take Your Time

Focus on areas that are most important to you.  Have guests coming in the living room and have noticed some nasty baseboards?  A ceiling fan that is growing some sort of fuzzy hair?  Make sure those issues are resolved during your walk-through.


With over 100 “moving parts” it’s likely that with every cleaning job a small percent will be missed.  The purpose of the walk-though is not to ensure perfection (which is unrealistic) but to make sure that our maids have cleaned your home up to the high-level you expect.  Later, after the walk-though, you may find a few minor defects in the cleaning but this is normal and expected.

Cleaning Options

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FAQs With Olivia

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Maids In America provides check sheets via the orientation section for customers to check behind maids at the end of the cleaning service. Here are some more tips to help make sure you cleaning experience is great.
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