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For some reason there are people who still believe that the old fashioned bucket and wringer are better especially in commercial cleaning.  Of course the same people are one of the reasons the cleaning industry is so backwards and behind times it’s hard to believe if you are on the outside looking in.

If you want to pay for 30 year old technology and 50 year science than hop on into the cleaning industry where science disappears and “old wives tales” is gospel!  Welcome to 1970!  We’ll do our best to help you return to the present in our blog time machine.

Ye Ole' Sloppy Moppy

The Original Yellow Bucket – Your industrial big yellow mop bucket and wringer is associated with Rubbermaid brand but it doesn’t matter who makes the handle and wringer set.  The wringer and handle mopping set have been used for mopping large areas for a long time and have some advantages:

    • If cleaning quality isn’t paramount they are a very fast way to clean large flooring areas.

    • They “flush” the floor with a larger amount of water which is handy with real bad accidents such as vomit/large spills/etc

    • They are inexpensive – very inexpensive.  A few mop heads can last a long time for cleaning and you use less chemicals because you reuse water until it turns dark.


  • The very first time you wring your dirty mop your cleaning water/solution is contaminated and you are spreading dirty water across the floor even if you can’t see it at the moment

  • You are more likely to leave film on the floor

  • Drying time is longer because you flood the floor

  • Cross-contamination is very difficult to avoid

  • Few cleaning personnel – janitorial or maids – empty the bucket often enough, and if they did, it would take all day to clean floors

While there are some advantages they all rely on a willingness to compromise the cleaning quality level as just the concept of using dirty water to mop floors is ridiculous.


Commercial Microfiber Mops

Microfiber Mops – I’m going to focus on commercial grade microfiber mops but some (not all) consumer microfiber mops perform similar. 

Some Advantages:

  • They are the fastest way to clean large surfaces keeping the cleaning quality high as you can get them as wide as 42″.

  • Microfiber flat mops use less moisture and allow faster drying times

  • They reduce the risk of cross-contamination when you match specific pads for cleaning restrooms (for example) and other pads for other areas.

  • As long as you replace the pads often enough you aren’t spreading dirty water back across the floor


  • They are more expensive to set-up with especially if you are cleaning company.  For janitorial we spend about $500-1,000 dollars per facility and for our residential maids about $250 per maid so they have enough pads and spare mops to do their job

  • They don’t flush the floor with a lot of water which make them challenging to clean up nasty messes such as vomit – it can be done but you will use more pads 

In Closing

 Microfiber mops are the best way to go.  Leave the slop bucket and definitely cheap sponge mops or gimmick mops like the spin mop for someone else to embarrass their-selves with.  If you want a clean home then do it right.  If you hire a maid service that brings anything but commercial grade microfiber mops to your home show them the door.

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