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Cleaning Tips | 2019 | Best of 2019 Cleaning Tips Part III

With over 350 BLOG/VLOGS published in 2019 across several websites and blog sites we decided to cherry pick the best ones in our 4 part series leading up to the new year.

In our latest BLOG we review the best floor cleaner and add in some of the best general tips as well.

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Best Products

A Great Floor Cleaner is NOT

Normally high pH – alkaline or low pH – acidic.  Of course it all depends on what you are using it for but for general floor cleaner a neutral pH is very important.

formulated with soap or free alkali – Without going into too much detail let’s just sum it up as both leave dulling residue on your floors and, in many cases, there is some health risk associated with free alkali.

A Great Floor Cleaner IS

Normally neutral pH – a pH of about 7 (neutral) is safe for most surfaces including hardwood and marble for example.  It won’t degrade finish on shiny floors either.

Soap Free – Alkali Free (see above)

Residue Free – No dulling the shine of floors

And The Winners Are:

For heavy duty floor cleaning – Spartan Chemical SD-20 pulls off an amazing trick for a de-greaser… It has no soap or alkali and leaves no residue!  This is an amazing accomplishment considering how strong it is for greasy floors and industrial applications.

For General Floor Cleaning – NCL Mirage is incredible as it is USDA Class A1 which means it’s so safe it can be used around food areas backed by the USDA.

Mirage leaves no residue and enhances the shine of finished VCT and hardwood floors.  It’s far better than any generic over marketed consumer special like “Bona.”

For Disinfectant and General Floor Cleaning – Spartan Chemical DMQ is the best all around if you want a great disinfectant for restrooms and a safe floor cleaner for hardwood and shiny floors.  It’s neutral and like Mirage leaves no residue.

The main advantage of DMQ is it’s a QUAT which is the most effective form of disinfectant on the face of this planet but isn’t toxic like ineffective bleach.

General Cleaning Tips

Use microfiber mops and change pads often:

Microfiber mops – especially commercial grade ones – are far superior to any mop type including the old fashioned janitorial bucket/mop that has been the standard method of mopping floors (especially in janitorial) for 50 years. 

Yep, the big yellow Rubbermaid bucket and long string mop has been the staple of mopping floors.  Why?  Because people are lazy and don’t do research and the cleaning industry is in the dark ages.  But that’s another blog post altogether.

Microfiber mops – if the pads are changed often – won’t put back dirty water/residue on the floor and allow you to get the floor much cleaner than any sloppy old wet mop.  Just use a new pad every 100 square ft or so and don’t use the same pads you used in the bathroom elsewhere!

floor cleaner

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FAQs With Olivia

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