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Cleaning Tips | 2019 | Best of 2019 Cleaning Tips Part II

With all the BLOGs and VLOGS we write for 11 total cleaning companies – 4 of them our own – we kind of lose track of the best ones.  Here are some of the most useful cleaning tips from our maid service divisions.

cleaning tips
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Product Tips

And The Best General Disinfectant is…:

A good disinfectant is NOT:

  • Bleach – studies show bleach … sucks.  It’s not 1950 anymore and there isn’t enough space to explain it but bleach doesn’t work
  • Peppermint and other nonsense.  Skip the cutsey wootsey peppermint and other funky “we just reinvented cleaning products” junk.  Skip it.

A good disinfectant IS:

  • Safe and not so toxic you risk your health just to kill germs
  • A QUAT (quaternary ammonium compound). Sound intimidating but it’s safe, used in hospitals, and the core technology backbone to the best cleaners
The Winner IS:  Spartan Chemical DMQ – Spartan Chemical, a commercial cleaning product manufacturer can be used in homes as well.  DMQ uses QUAT technology and leaves almost zero residue and is great on shiny floors such as hardwood floors that user a water based urethane finish or “finished” VCT.
You can use this product on vertical surfaces along with all floor types since it has a neutral pH and is safe.

General Cleaning Tips

Heat Helps:

While our cleaning division have moved away from steam cleaning carpet with truck mounts (instead we use low moisture methods) heat still helps clean up many challenges.

Vapor cleaners can help and just plain hot water when cleaning greasy ovens for example.  Generally speaking as the degrees rise the chemical action/energy doubles and even triples making cleaning products more effective.

Window Cleaning Can Be Easy

But it isn’t for most people.  Windows and mirrors are usually smeared by home owners and mediocore cleaning companies – almost every time.  There is no secret here …  just common sense:

  • Use glass friendly microfiber rags
  • Don’t use microfiber rags washed with the general laundry and then fabric softened – won’t work
  • Skip the paper towels
  • If you are using glass cleaner that you have to dilute don’t use hard water – use distilled or RO only.

Cleaning Options

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FAQs With Olivia

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Cleaning Tips Wrap-up 2019 Part II
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Cleaning Tips Wrap-up 2019 Part II
Part II of our cleaning tips extracted from all our 2019 VLOG / BLOGs from our maid service
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