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Cleaning Tips | 2019 | Cleaning Science vs Tabloid Myth

Ever read cleaning tips posted on Facebook or other forums?  For example:

“For those stubborn carpet stains use a little coke then wiggle your nose and wink twice…”

Of course coke is acidic and it’s 95% likely the stain / spot on your carpet calls for an alkaline cleaner instead making coke the worst possible idea.  But you tried it and it worked!?  If you spit on the spot and rubbed your foot with your underwear over it you’d probably see some kind of improvement also.

The amount of misinformation on how to clean “stuff” dates back to the days before computers and when quoting science would get you burned at the stake as a witch.  It’s 2019 so here’s a little primer to help step into the modern age of cleaning with our maid service.

pH cleaning

pH 101

pH – The Power of Hydrogen

pH is used to show how acidic or “base” a  solution is. Acidic … pH is short for the “power of hydrogen.”

It’s simple, very basic – so let’s keep it that way.  Neutral is about a ph of 7, average acidic is about 2 or so and, on the other side of 7, alkaline is about a 10 or so when cleaning.  A neutral pH is safe for all surfaces but is not effective enough for stubborn contaminants such as grease or limescale for example.  

You fight acidic contaminants with alkaline and alkaline contaminants with acid and maybe you will clean differently and drink that can of coke instead of pouring it on the carpet.

Basic pH Cleaning Examples

Some pH Cleaning Examples In Real Life:

Food / Grease based contaminants found in ovens, counters, etc

  • Alkaline based cleaner
  • Degreasers such as dish detergent or Simple Green would be some examples.

Hard Water / limescale / rust found in sinks, tubs, shower walls, toilets, etc.

  • Acidic based cleaner
  • Mild / Safe acid such as oxalic, phosphoric acid, lactic acid, etc..  found in products such as Barkeepers Friend…etc.

Soil / Dirt:

  • Alkaline based cleaner
  • Degreaser, ammonia, dawn dish detergent, typical carpet cleaner..

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Cleaning In The Modern Age
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