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Cleaning Quality Control | 2019 | The Walk-Through

When it comes to assuring satisfaction with our maid service nothing is more important than a walk-through at the end of your home cleaning with our maids.

For first time customers we require you walk-through with our maid(s).  It’s not an option as we believe in making sure your cleaning is done to your satisfaction before we leave your home.

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Let’s go into more detail on our policy that requires new customers to walk with the maids at the end of the cleaning job. 

  • Remember it’s your home and walking with the maids at the end of the cleaning service allows you to be in control and point out anything you feel was missed or could be improved
  • Use the check sheets in the Orientation section of our website to help guide you when you inspect with the maids. Focus on areas that are most important to you
  • The maids responsibility is to give you 30 minutes notice before they finish so you can be available if you are not at the residence while they are cleaning
  • Your responsibility is to be available or have a trusted representative walk with the maids


Finally it’s important to emphasize that with all the moving parts it’s still likely you’ll find a few things missed after the maids leave.  Our cleaning standards are the highest in the industry but we allow about a 5-7% or so margin for error.  Five to seven % is the lowest in the industry and is not considered as situation where we would need to come back for a touch-up.

If there are several areas missed after the maids leave…  which would be unlikely if you walked with our maids then we will send back our cleaning crew to fix any issues.

Thank You for choosing Maids In America and enjoy your clean home!

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Maid Service Walk-Through
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Maid Service Walk-Through
The most important part of our maid service process is the walk-through at the end of cleaning your home.
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