As 2019 approaches I thought I would write about how our cleaning company, Maids In America, has evolved and where we are
headed with our short and long term projects. Innovating cleaning services is always a challenge in a competitive market that is
full of generic franchises offering low grade cleaning puffed up with marketing fluff.

Maids In America 2007

In 2007 Maids In America was started as a side business while my husband’s main business, EduTech flourished as a nationwide
Internet, Training, and Tech Support Company. My first account – aside from homes of friends/family – was a hospital which,
at the time, I wasn’t ready for.

Maids In America 2007 was more of a part time learning experience and helped me determine that maybe there was a market
that I could offer some improvement and change to while making money and having fun.

Maids In America 2010 – The Evolution Begins

In 2009 my husband’s company started to tank so instead of reviving it I convinced him to hedge his bets and invest in my maid
service to grow it to something much larger. He invested and as his business shrunk Maids In America grew and by 2010 had grown
so much that major changes where either being implemented or where “born” and developed a few years later:

Maids In America 2010 to Present

The list of innovations beyond The Visual Clean System are too many to list and many are subtle but important tweaks that are more
appreciated by “insiders” to the industry. A few of the more obvious ones:

2019 ON

My fingers and IBM Model M keyboard from 1985 have been typing stuff all day with this article being the last one of the day so I’m going
to shorten this instead of turning a blog post into a mini-novel:

One other note. We will probably be offering the first Maids In America Franchises in 2019, most likely making Birmingham and Montgomery
our first maid franchise targets. Stay tuned.

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