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Cleaning Tips | 2019 | Cleaning Franchise Facts

Most consumers are confused at to what a cleaning franchise actually is and there’s marketing that either makes it an advantage or a liability depending on which side (locally owned/operated or franchise) is spinning it.

The reality is that franchises aren’t what most people think they are and, in reality, differ very little from local businesses that aren’t franchises.

Support/Resources Are No Better

Franchisee’s are the owners of local franchises such as Two Maids & Too Many Complaints.  Let’s just call them TMTMC for short…

TMTMC, for example, is owned by a local small business owner that was able to put up – give or take – 50k to initially buy into the franchise.  So the local owner gets support & training to make customers happy and provide better cleaning? NO.

Here’s what the franchisee gets:

  • A logo and  a website
  • Marketing Marketing Marketing
  • A gimmick such as, for example only, pay for performance or something that has no substance but helps sell
  • More marketing
  • Monthly fees to franchise

Here’s what the franchisee does not get:

  • Proper training on cleaning
  • Customer service support – nope.. zip
  • Quality control.  Unless you count useless generic information fit into a pamphlet .. no
  • Extra resources

The Franchise is a marketing office that appeals to the Franchisee who couldn’t market to save their life.  That’s all it is.

Locally Owned/Operated

Technically a franchise is just that – locally owned and operated.  There is really little to no difference other than, perhaps, the franchise owner has the need for more marketing assistance/direction than the local non-franchise owners.


They are both locally owned and operated so you should base your decision on reputation/reviews/etc vs whether a cleaning company has slicker marketing done by a franchise for them.

Yes We Are Offering Franchises

While I’m not going to jump up and down and claim we are re-inventing the wheel I will emphasize that our franchise model will focus just as much on the cleaning system as the marketing.  Cleaning quality issues bring as many cleaning companies down as poor marketing.

Our Franchise Model Give You:

  • 100% marketing solution – all Online marketing
  • Social Media management
  • Websites – not one but 3-5 depending on your package
  • 3-5 divisions to offer depending on your package
  • On-site training on how to clean – our way
  • A unique and practical cleaning quality control system – The Visual Clean System

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