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Cleaning Tips | 2019 | Cleaning For The Community

Maybe it’s from the fact that we have been in business since 2007 and have a great deal of experience/wisdom on how things kind of work together in harmony.  I’m referring to the community and the business.

The Community and “The Business” are a synergistic relationship that translates into a better community and business.  Maids In America is a big believer that if we put even a little time/effort into the greater good of our local community it will directly and indirectly (culture changes/etc) make us better.

Get Out There

In some ways it’s … maybe… a little easier for us to “get out there” and help with the community since our cleaning people are dispatched all over the county daily.  But it’s really just something you have to schedule and committ to do regardless of your business type.

While we have been working with charities such as Cleaning For A Reason since about 2009 it’s not been until the last few years that we made giving back an actual task we have to accomplish weekly.  Make it your businesses task even if it’s just a small time/money contribution weekly it makes a difference.

It’s so easy to be drug down by the tremendous amount of time and effort it takes to maintain a business in a competitive market but the payoff of just a few hours every week — if nothing else — is an improved culture within your organization.  The kind of culture you want and will affect your long term success.

Real Only

While we do promos of our work with charities — and vow to do more than we used to (which was none) — we focus on making a difference where we care.

Support charities you really want to help and not because they are trendy and everybody else has a pink ribbon or whatever the charity is.  If it’s just a PR stunt it ultimately won’t last or even work in the long run.

Focus on one charity at a time and build, if you want to, additional charities once you’ve proven to yourself that you can consistently help (even if it’s just 1 hour a week) week in and week out.

In Closing

As Maids In America begins franchising in 2019 we are opening up more opportunities to expand the communities we help besides just sell franchises.  This is exciting and we hope… and expect.. our franchise investors to embrace the same community oriented culture as we have.

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