Without the help of a cylinder based machine or pressure washer cleaning grout can be very difficult. However, these tips should make it much easier and manageable even without specialized equipment. Keep in mind the following facts about grout:

• Most grout is unsealed and very porous making it difficult to clean (simple mopping doesn’t do it)
• Most scrubbing machines or mops just don’t create enough “energy” or friction to clean grout

Try these tips from our janitorial service division:

• Apply acid to the grout – Lowes has some really good stuff called Zep Commercial grout cleaner – apply as directed – squirting on grout via bottle
• Let dwell for 20 minutes
• Mop off with microfiber pad mops and flush with plenty of distilled or reverse osmosis water – do not use hard water to clean

How does this work? Zep Commercial grout cleaner has HCL acid in it and is very potent but relatively safe with less fuming. Note that since this contains HCL you will need to keep it away from stainless steel or chrome – at least 1 foot away as the fumes alone can ruin them.

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