Speed Cleaning Part I

FAST CLEANING FOR HOLIDAYS December Maids In America Newsletter Our newsletter gives our Tuscaloosa website visitors tips and inside advice on cleaning service techniques to make life easier when maintaining your home         Cleaning Tips To Save Time             When cleaning, as a maid service, we are very […]

Window Cleaning Tips

Window Cleaning Tips – From our Quick Tips Series   Use these housekeeping tips to keep your windows steak free:   Use clean microfiber rags to clean your windows vs paper towels which leave lint and are more difficult to use on larger areas. Make sure your microfiber rags are washed separate from other laundry […]

Vapor Cleaning Tips

Vapor Grout Cleaning – From our quick tips series   Use these housekeeping tips to overcome challenging porous grout:   By far the best “small scale” based way to clean grout for home use are portable vapor cleaning units. Make sure the any vapor cleaning unit that is considered provides 300+ degrees and has a […]

Grout & Tile Cleaning Tips

From Our Quick Cleaning Tips Series   Clean Grout & Tile   Use these housekeeping tips to clean tile and grout:   Do not use alkaline based cleaners for grout cleaning such as bleach / ammonia / etc Use ACID based cleaners.  For safety use phosphoric, oxalic, or sulfamic  (or combination) found in products such as […]