Smoke -n- Mirrors 2021 – VLOG Version

SMOKE -N- MIRRORS 2021 VLOG Avoid useless cleaning features and hype – buzzwords – and meaningless stats and promises with the 2021 VLOG version of our Smoke -n- Mirrors Series With Olivia. Olivia had to do this remotely as she is taking care of personal things but wanted to put a little bounce in our […]

Smoke -n- Mirrors 2021

SMOKE -N- MIRRORS 2021 It’s that time of the year again – Another Smoke -n- Mirrors article along with past video links to previous Smoke -n- Mirrors with Olivia. Olivia will be producing a video for this as well shortly as well – within the next month or sooner. The Big Four Claims With Cleaning […]

Win In The Cleaning Industry

Cleaning Service Blog Total Control in 2021 | 2020 | Maids In America Franchises Cleaning services demand continues to increase for both residential and commercial —  and, in 2020, made the largest jump in years.  In fact over the last seven (7) years the demand for cleaning has increased steadily. Maids In America, established in […]

It’s All About “WE” At Maids In America

Team Clean 0 % Satisfaction Rate 0 Homes Cleaned 0 Businesses Cleaned The Power of “we” Team Culture Since 2007 Halloween 2020.  Some of our Tuscaloosa East Maids having fun in a get together. Our cover girl teaching a group of new girls proper counter cleaning techniques. highest rated & most reviewed maids The Magic […]

Win In Cleaning

Cleaning Service Industry VLOG Cleaning Industry| 2020 | I Can See “Cleanly Now” Reprise At Maids In America we’ve been very busy to say the least: Developing more efficient hazard cleaning systems (such as for COVID) Starting on the long process of converting our “Visual Clean” cleaning procedures to video based instruction Fine tuning our […]

Cleaning Up The “Big Picture”

Cleaning Service Blog Cleaning Industry| 2020 | I Can See “Cleanly Now” After starting as a second source of revenue, hobby, or “after thought” offering only small scale residential maid service while our other company – EngineX – was dominating Online Marketing Maids In America began to evolve. In fact our heavy duty digital marketing […]

Old Maids Tales & Other Cleaning Myths

Cleaning Service Blog Cleaning Industry| 2020 | Old Maids Tales & Other Cleaning Myths Part I: Vinegar It never stops to amaze me how much misinformation and old, dead, useless advice you can find in the cleaning industry.  It seems like every bored housewife that, in between arguing the earth is flat on Facebook, posts […]

Maid Service Guide Complete

Cleaning Service Blog Cleaning Industry| 2020 | Choosing The Right Maid Service Compilation 2016-2020 For about four years (we’ve been in business 13 years) we’ve put out information BLOGS & VLOGS on various cleaning topics including the right maid service. In this BLOG/VLOG we’ve put together the best tips from the last four years to […]

Defining Maid Service Expectations

Cleaning Service Vlog Cleaning Tips | 2019 | Home Residential Cleaning Quality The cleaning industry, both commercial and residential cleaning, often does not meet customer expectations. In many cases it’s the cleaning company’s performance but in other cases it’s over promising, lack of customer education, or in rare cases an unrealistic customer. Learn how we […]