So I want a Cleaning Franchise

Cleaning Service Blog Cleaning Tips | 2019 | You Want A Maids In America Franchise? Yes.  We are finally offering franchises after eleven years of operating as an actual maid service, janitorial service, carpet cleaning service, and a general cleaning service. We decided to being limited offerings since we are the only franchise that has […]

Cleaning Franchise Facts

Cleaning Service Blog Cleaning Tips | 2019 | Cleaning Franchise Facts Most consumers are confused at to what a cleaning franchise actually is and there’s marketing that either makes it an advantage or a liability depending on which side (locally owned/operated or franchise) is spinning it. The reality is that franchises aren’t what most people […]

Do Natural Cleaning Products Work?

Magic Cleaning Potions – Do Natural Cleaning Chemicals Work? The Case For Natural Cleaners – The marketing of natural cleaning products is something to be appreciated …. For those that like to market stuff like myself. They use all the key emotional triggers to push their peppermint based disinfectant or orange juice magic or other […]

Maid Service Evolution

As 2019 approaches I thought I would write about how our cleaning company, Maids In America, has evolved and where we areheaded with our short and long term projects. Innovating cleaning services is always a challenge in a competitive market that is full of generic franchises offering low grade cleaning puffed up with marketing fluff. […]