The Fab Four Cleaning Products

Cleaning Service Blog Cleaning Tips | 2019 | Spartan Cleaning For Your Household While our maids come pushing a stair climbing, fold-able, canvas bagged cart (no, I’m not trying to sell these) with about 30 products there are about 4 that you can use to complete about any reasonable cleaning task in your home. This […]

Speed Cleaning Part II

Cleaning Service Blog Cleaning Tips | 2019 | Speed Cleaning Part II It’s just as important to accomplish a cleaning task or job in a reasonable time as it is to do it right.  Both go hand and hand as great cleaners are efficient and get the cleaning job done fast. Our maid service with […]

February Cleaning Service Newsletter

Cleaning Service Blog Cleaning Tips | 2019 | FEB NEWSLETTER – MICROFIBER MOPPING VS SLOP MOP For some reason there are people who still believe that the old fashioned bucket and wringer are better especially in commercial cleaning.  Of course the same people are one of the reasons the cleaning industry is so backwards and […]

Cleaning Gimmicks

Cleaning Service Blog Cleaning Tips | 2019 | Cleaning Smoke & Mirrors It’s amazing at how much smoke blows out of cleaning companies marketing claims.  If you believe the hype you’ll believe that you must choose a cleaning company because they are either “super eco,” “pay their maids by performance,” or offer 1000 years of […]

So I want a Cleaning Franchise

Cleaning Service Blog Cleaning Tips | 2019 | You Want A Maids In America Franchise? Yes.  We are finally offering franchises after eleven years of operating as an actual maid service, janitorial service, carpet cleaning service, and a general cleaning service. We decided on limited offerings to make sure we can give each new franchisee […]

Cleaning Franchise Facts

Cleaning Service Blog Cleaning Tips | 2019 | Cleaning Franchise Facts Most consumers are confused at to what a cleaning franchise actually is and there’s marketing that either makes it an advantage or a liability depending on which side (locally owned/operated or franchise) is spinning it. The reality is that franchises aren’t what most people […]

Do Natural Cleaning Products Work?

Magic Cleaning Potions – Do Natural Cleaning Chemicals Work? The Case For Natural Cleaners – The marketing of natural cleaning products is something to be appreciated …. For those that like to market stuff like myself. They use all the key emotional triggers to push their peppermint based disinfectant or orange juice magic or other […]

Speed Cleaning Part I

FAST CLEANING FOR HOLIDAYS December Maids In America Newsletter Our newsletter gives our Tuscaloosa website visitors tips and inside advice on cleaning service techniques to make life easier when maintaining your home         Cleaning Tips To Save Time             When cleaning, as a maid service, we are very […]